The Hipster Problems

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The Hipster Problems = 24/7 dedication to being a hipster. We all have those problems, as long as you aren't mainstream. ▲ This blog is just for fun. Don't take it seriously, seriously though.

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    I just found this in my hatealwaysjj tag. And started cracking up. You don’t know my life.
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    Amme Neniravyh (Emma Hyvarinen)
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    Noraa Leahcim My former name would have been Assirac Eiram …why does my birth name sound more masculine than my current...
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    Eicoj? Uh… What the fuck? So yeah. From this moment on, you may call me Coj. Or Cujo. Actually, Cujo works.
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    annairb. call me anna. or air.
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    Emosewa. Mhmm, k.
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